June Days: Part I

because when you go to the park in Eagle, stopping at Lilly Jaynes is a must!
lots of hiking and exploring
picnic at the lake with my little love
paddleboating in boise
pool party!
hunting 101

This month has flown by! We spend our days trying to stay busy outdoors. Lots and lots and lots of park dates. Cupcakes here and there. Iced coffees too. Beautiful weather. Morning and evening bike rides. 

Hope you’re having a wonderful June!

Love, Rach

May Days: Part II

found him sacked out on the couch eating chocolate chips right out of the bag. dont ask how he got to them!

visiting Babby Farms!
helping me make brownies
#1 always outside #2 always eating
BBQ night at the Pfisters!!
visiting great gpa &gma
facetiming with these sweet girls!
squishing ants is his favorite pasttime
caring for some baby starlings
this happened. boys!!
marathoners + half marathoners… will designate a separate post for the marathon.
if the hens dont lay, we know why!
a picture of Gpa Bruno on the fridge. Ive been missing him lately…

Hope everyone is having a beautiful May!! 

Love, Rach

May Days: Part I

•Anyone who knows me, like really knows me, understands that I am very particular. Sometimes that’s good and other times it’s bad. When it comes to flower shopping for the yard, I’m very particular. I look for certain colors and sizes. After trips to Home Depot, Costco, Blue Barn, Lowes, D&B Supply and Zamzows, I finally got the flower situation under control.  These days, I’ve been enjoying playing in the dirt. I have short nails year round for this particular season! ☺️


•I think I’m ready for this marathon. I say that because the training is grueling and long. Rewarding, but time consuming. Running is interesting. Some days it’s easy, and I never want to stop, and other days it’s like I’m running with bricks in my shoes. It’s a silly mental game that I often play with myself. Month 1 into training, my toenail turned black and died and I experienced symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Month 2 I experienced hip/sciatica pain. Month 3 I experienced a numb/sore heel and popping in my right leg. (Behind the knee and above the calf muscle- the dr said I can keep running because it’s only the bursa sacs relieving pressure; hence the popping.) This month I have been having some shin splint pains and minor popping in the leg… Oh and more frequent numbing of the heel. Despite my body falling apart, I still am passionate as ever about running. 
(My favorite place to run is along the Boise River Greenbelt. Some views I’ve enjoyed…)

yes, those are minature horses lounging on the beach

•A quick update on our ladies! We are still getting 2-3 eggs per day. Clarice still isn’t laying so I’m going to have to show her the ax. Kidding. They are such funny creatures. Every morning I go out there and they are huddled by the door anxiously waiting for me to let them run. I usually do that when Greyson is inside so he doesn’t continue to try to run them over with his plastic toy trucks. Anyone know what age it is when kids finally understand the word “gentle”?!


•I’m on the hunt for an antique dough bowl. I need a certain length so of course I’m going to be picky again. 😁 Dough bowls are trending big time, and I really want to jump on the band wagon because I love antiques!…. Especially when I can somehow incorporate them into my decor. I know just what I would do with the dough bowl and exactly where it would go. The hunt is on!

**These ladies are fun to follow on IG, and they are spot on with the dough bowls!**

•The other day I watched our neighbor’s 2 yr old boy. Such a sweetheart he is. The boys were cracking me up the whole day! They are such creative little people! They brought a bunch of books outside to read on the grass. Then they would play baseball together. The neighbor boy would bat and make Grey pitch to him. BTW, our son needs major help with his pitching skills! After a few throws, Grey would tackle the neighbor boy for the bat. And on it went…….

•Mother’s Day was lovely again. We spent the afternoon at the McKerrow’s. The cousins had bushels of fun together! It was a great day except that I could’ve sat on the swing porch a wee bit longer 😊

 Happy Wednesday!

Love, Rach





WI Visitors

My mom and grandma came to stay with us for a week. It was such a fun-filled week, and I’m sad that it’s over. I loved showing grandma the place I call home.

Some things we did & sights we saw:

•Walk the Greenbelt

•Explore the Nature Center in Boise

•Tour the Old Boise Penitentiary

•Lunch at Bella Aquila (such a yummy, elegant Italian restaurant in downtown Eagle on the river.)

•Shopping at the Boise Towne Square Mall and The Village

•Numerous pit stops at Starbucks

•Visiting Gpa & Gma Jelinek

{they came with my favorite treats!}




{Old Boise Pen}imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


{4 generations}imageimage

Missing them already…

Love, Rach

Chickens and a Coop

We’ve wanted chickens for the longest time, and with Grey being such a big animal lover, it only made matters more urgent. And no, living in the city won’t stop us. 

We would have loved to raise chicks, but this Spring has been far too busy, and besides, we didn’t have patience for it. Maybe some other time though when Grey is a tad older and won’t pet them too hard. 

With all that said, let me introduce to you Henrietta, Gertrude, Clarice (pronounced Clair-eese), and Loretta. Clarice and Loretta are named after my parents. Call it an inside family joke, but I love it 😊 

These hens are Cochin Bantams. We wanted hens that were super friendly and outgoing since they are taking over Grey’s fort, aka the coop. We also needed the noise level to be down since we do have neighbors. 2 of the hens are 9 months old and laying, and Clarice and Loretta are 6 months old. One of them is laying now. 

They are spoiled already. When we have animals we just can’t help it. Cody has the heater going in the coop for these cold night. Instead of going inside, they lay huddled in front of the heater.



 Next on our list are some miniature donkeys…. We’ll have to see what the neighbors think of that 😉

Have a nice day!

Love, Rach

Spring Break Trip: Ohio

I’m in Cincinnati for 2 weeks visiting my sister and her family. I don’t get to see this niece and nephew much hence all the pictures. I will break the trip into 2 parts. 

My parents and brother and family drove down from WI to be here for the weekend. It’s fun to watch the little cousins all playing together.  

{in love with Roxy’s back patio}  
{toddler heaven}   
{the kids love Warren!}  
{Cincinnati river walk}   
{keeping busy at Brian & Mindys house}   
 {these two are always a blur}  
{forklift rides at Dave’s work}

  {swimming at the Y}  
 Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend!
Love, Rach