Bootie Obsession

Fall isn’t my favorite season only because of the weather change, but also because of the wardrobe change. Last year, I was all about boots, but this year, I’m all about booties! I love them! They are easy to dress up or dress down plus, I don’t roast in them like I do boots…. with tights…. and socks.

Here is some bootie inspiration for you!1175b8044283d45ab97c384ba856583566d3d2e50a2c658461ba1c76582cec6a 1631569e3212e9ca5a6f3b79346a2225 61e291f84a7bc82b611c292af9af7ba1 99c584c752634d3ca745bccb2efd322f 7a8c079af5b991d3dd89d3b108a19efe 4c39ab5dc05783a04cc284d3e5d23946 37d4af4c78fe362c709f5a6358ea9f07

Happy Monday!

Love, Rach

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