Friday Favorites

Yesterday was a cold, windy, rainy, gloomy day so I sipped on tea to get me through the day. That always seems to help my mood. I love tea! Hot tea. Iced tea. Lemonade+tea. Sweetened tea. Unsweetened tea, preferably. Any tea really!

  • Tazo Refreshing Mint: An invigorating herbal infusion of peppermint & spearmint dressed up with a pinch of tarragon. This is my daily preference.
  • 69058 Constant Comment: Famous blend flavored with orange rinds and sweet spice. Smells divine too! 111133
  • Sweet Dreams: In the hustle and bustle that have become so much a part of our lives, it’s important to take a moment at the end of each day to unwind. Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea, a blend of chamomile and hibiscus flowers with its mild and soothing flavor, will add a peaceful note to the close of your day. This is about the only tea I can get the husband to drink. We have “tea time” every evening before bed.91FslX7GTpL._SX425_

A few years back, Cody and I toured the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina. It was pretty neat to see the fields and the process the leaves go through before the tea is just right. Click here to learn more about America’s only tea farm.

oak tree and tea fields

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Love, Rach

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