Renée Zellweger’s Colonial Farmhouse in Connecticut

Now this is my kind of Celebrity House.  Renee Zellweger’s country home in Connecticut was built in 1770 and is known as “The Cotton Tavern.”  She’s selling it for $1.6 million, so take a look!

Renee-Zellwegers-Federal-Colonial-Farmhouse-For-Sale-in-Connecticut Renee-Zellwegers-Federal-Colonial-Farmhouse-Connecticut-6 Renee-Zellwegers-Federal-Colonial-Farmhouse-Connecticut-2 Renee-Zellwegers-Federal-Colonial-Farmhouse-Connecticut-10 Renee-Zellwegers-Federal-Colonial-Farmhouse-Connecticut-12 Renee-Zellwegers-Federal-Colonial-Farmhouse-Connecticut-20Renee-Zellwegers-Country-House-in-ConnecticutHave a good night!

Love, Rach


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