1st birthday

Dearest Greyson,

Happy Birthday, son!  I love you more than words can express.  I hope you know that.  It’s been a joy to be with you everyday.  There are hards days.  There are easy days.  There are ok days, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I witnessed your first crawl and your first foot step.  I was there for you when you reached out to me to pick you up out of your crib and when you got your first boo-boo.  I heard your first words and your first laugh.  So many “firsts” in just the first year.  I look forward to what the future brings, but I sure wish time would slow down. Your daddy and mommy want to make your life fun, but purposeful at the same time.  Thank you for bringing a whole new level of love into my life.  I love you son, and you make me proud.

Love always, Mommy

4 thoughts on “1st birthday

  1. Loved this post, Rachel!! Such a nice way to commemorate Greyson’s 1st birthday!! Happy 1st Birthday to sweet little Greyson! Wish “Great” aunt Martine got to see you more…but maybe WHEN we move to the Riverhouse!! ♡♡♡♡


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