Thursday’s Thoughts

*Yesterday Cody got home from work a little bit earlier so we had time to mow and fertilize the lawn.  For you locals, Zamzow’s lawn program is fabulous and at a great price!  Spring is around the corner, and that gets me excited!


*We’re trying to get the lawn in order because Saturday we have a swing set that is going to be  installed.  That’s our birthday present for Grey.  I think he’ll love it and use it often.  He better. I have been hunting Craigslist and the Classifieds for a long time in search of a nice, wooden swing set.  We found a used Costco Rainbow swing set in good condition.  It can use a coat of weather stain so I think next week I’ll slap some on.  I never in my life thought I’d be excited about a swing set, but nothing makes me happier than seeing my son so happy.

* I sorted through all of Grey’s clothes and closet the other day.  Man, that kid has A LOT of clothes!  Thanks to my sister who passes all of Liam’s clothes down to his cousin.  It was kind of sad  boxing up the “little” clothes.  It feels like it was yesterday that he was that small.  Not a year ago.  As I was sorting and folding the clothes, burp clothes, bibs,  and swaddle clothes, I had a flood of memories.  I was sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery holding him close as he slept.  I wondered when he wouldn’t look bow-legged anymore.  I wondered when he would be able to recognize me.  I wondered when his daddy would be home.  I wondered what the year would bring me…now I know.  It’s been a delightful year!

* I’ve been working on transforming our master bathroom vanity.  With a kid, projects don’t get done as fast as they used to.  It’s driving us nuts that our bathroom is upside down so my goal is to get it finished before the weekend.  Below is a before picture.  I will be sure to post about the cabinet transformation once I complete the project.  Floors, backsplash, light fixtures and countertop is next!


* I have been searching for botanical pictures for quite some time.  I came across a website that you can download pictures for free from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  I have tons downloaded so now I need to get them printed and framed.  Click here to go to the website.  Scroll through the pages list on the left until you get to “plates”, then click download on the top. To download individual pictures, click the down arrow on the right hand side. The full book is a 32 mb PDF so it will take a minute to download but it’s totally worth it.  Here is some botanical art inspiration.

40071f8394cee24fd85220d90a4b41b3 d458ad87d03cf025d992f58de9e68116 4d88cb04533c5b4532a344635ca9eb6b 3f5bd4c0668db04a6e8e9e950382d3bd 32fda18b7984f252185a02f3eabb3677

Happy Thursday!

Love, Rach


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