Bath Essentials

When I say I love taking baths, that is a huge understatement!  I take baths in the morning, at night and sometimes even when Bug’s is napping just because I can 🙂 When I take a bath, it’s an excuse to go way out and make myself feel like I’m at a spa.  There is still a lot of work to do in our master bathroom to make it look like a spa. There are still 3 missing light bulbs, the dirty looking linoleum floors and the absent shower door, but it’s coming along slowly.  When I take a bath, I turn off the main bathroom light and only have the bathtub/shower light on to be able to read.  I light the candle as the bath fills up.  Adding the bubbles is my favorite part, and I always tend to add way too much because even with the water drained, the tub is filled with bubbles for a good hour or two.

My favorite bubble bath is Jasmine Ylang by Retro Soap Co (found at World Market) and Eucalyptus Spearmint Oil (found at Bath&Body Works).  I usually add a few drops of oil to my bath, along with bubbles.  (The soap caddy and bath caddy is from Freedom Farmstead. )


The candle is Everyday Luxe Bath Scent (found at TjMaxx).  The succulent (also found at TjMaxx) adds to the spa-like atmosphere.  The terracotta foot scrubber (found at World Market) is the most amazing scrubber I have ever used.  I was worried that my poorly cared for feet wouldn’t be sandal ready for our trip in a few weeks, but after using this scrubber a good 2-3 times per week, my feet are left feeling as soft as Grey’s tush.


Getting out of the tub is as important as getting in the tub, therefore, I also use nice bath towels.  I didn’t know there were towels and then bath towels.  Bath towels are like blankets that cover you head to toe and are larger than the average towel.  We have Simply Vera by Vera Wang (found at Kohl’s) bath towels.  I’ve decided that buying good quality towels, even though it’s pricey, is better than cheap towels that need replaced every year and only cover half a body plus an arm.

Now…. who is taking a bath tonight??!!!! 🙂

Happy Monday!!

Love, Rach

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