Friday Favorites

Here are three of my favorite canned goods.  You’re probably thinking, what goodness can  come from a can?? Periodically, it happens.

  • California Green Ripe Olives:  I love black olives, but very much dislike green olives.  Go figure!  We were at company’s house, and they explained that the green olives on the table were actually “black” olives.  Black olives are naturally green, but the manufacturers dye the olives black so they look more appealing to the consumer and disguise the ugly freckles on the olives.  Cody and I keep our pantry stocked with these delicious salty and buttery olives.


  • Water Chestnuts:  Water chestnuts don’t have much flavor of their own so I often use them in stir frys.  They absorb the juice wonderfully.  And believe it or not, water chestnuts is my secret ingredient in the chicken salad I make.  Cody doesn’t like the taste of celery so I add chopped water chestnuts instead.  It’s a win-win situation.  He doesn’t get the celery, and I still get that perfect crunch.


  • Pagliacci Italian Style Pepper Spread:  You’ll have to go to the Italian store in Racine, WI to get this.  I haven’t been able to find this particular brand anywhere else.  Thankfully, my parents keep our pantry stocked.  This spread is a staple in our family’s spaghetti sauce.  It’s also amazing on any grilled sandwich.


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Love, Rach

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