Life Every Day

I’m not sure  what to write about today, but I feel like blogging.  The gray and gloomy weather isn’t motivating me to be funny or creative either.  This will have to do.

Want to see what happens at our house everyday?  It’s not glamorous, but usually it has me laughing in the background.  Bink has learned to sit next to Bugs’ highchair because he knows there will be plenty of food on the floor.  Now you know why I vacuum so much.  Bugs has also learned to scatter all the organized and stacked books I have on the end table and crawl through it.  He knows how to poke and prod Bink’s nose and eyes.   I recently started cooking a scrambled egg in the microwave for Bugs.  I thought it would be quick and easy, but quickly learned that if you over cook an egg, it turns to rubber and explodes.  15 minutes of cleaning the microwave and lesson learned!  The pantry and dishwasher is what he is fascinated with the most.  I wonder what will be next.

(sorry for the poor quality of pictures in this post)









This past week and weekend was busy.

Cody and I recently got a membership at the Y 10 minutes down the road.  It’s actually nicer than I had imagined!  On our tour, I was amazed mostly with the pool area.  There are watersides, a lazy river, an adult lap pool, a toddler pool, a baby beach, a hot tub and several water fountains for kids to play in.  We enrolled Bugs in swimming lessons, and that begins tomorrow morning.  Twice a week for a month.  Perhaps, I will have a post later this week on how that went.

One evening Uncle Johnny came over.  Another day we had Gpa and Gma J over for dinner and games.






I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!! Drive safe, locals!!

Love, Rach

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