FreedomFarmstead.  For those of you who don’t already know, here is a little background.  My brother in-law, Justin McKerrow, grew up on the Freedom, New York convention grounds.  His parents still live there.  Thence, Freedom Cleaning Services and FreedomFarmstead.  Justin and I go back and forth sharing pictures of things for the home that we both like.  Then, suddenly it’s built! Just the other day I sent him a picture of the rustic/industrial paper towel holder and wa laa. The next day it existed!

The blanket ladder in the living room is a favorite of mine.  They made one for my baby shower, and I absolutely love it!  The rusty, square headed nails are from the old Freedom, NY convention barn on his parent’s property.  Kind of neat!  I remember seeing one similar at Pottery Barn, but I wasn’t going to pay full price.

I have my eye on a wood bath caddy at Anthropologie.  $168….for some wood and stain?!  No way!  That’s the next project anyways, and I’m not at all excited 🙂

After that, my dining room table needs a planter box.

…… this could get fun!! Stay tuned and check back often for new items listed! Click here to see our Etsy store.

Have a good night!

Love, Rach

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