What a great weekend it was.  Too bad it’s over already.  Saturday we were going to walk around the mall, but had one look at the parking lot and decided to scram!  I don’t like our society this time of year.  We wondered what to do since we were already away from home.  Downtown we went.  It was lovely, relaxing, and empty feeling.  Everyone must have been at the mall.  We explored our growing little city of Boise.  We grabbed hot cocoa at the coffee shop and a cupcake from Lilly Jane’s.  Other than that, we walked and walked and walked.

Freak Alley-


We painted some more around the house.  This time part of the laundry room.  When that’s finished, we won’t have anymore “caves” in the house.  You see, the previous owners had the ceiling AND walls painted the same color.  When the ceiling isn’t white, it just makes for a ‘darker than normal’ space.  Everytime we decide to drag the paint cans out of the garage, we moan and mumble that we should have paid the painters to do it.  Next time maybe.  Before moving into the house, we had painters paint the main living area and any vaulted part of the house.  I’m deathly scared of heights.  With that said, it still felt great to get started on another house project.

Cody’s been asking me what we should do with the fireplace.  The trim and mantle is white.  The house decor is rustic industrial.  Pinterest shockingly didn’t have a ton of ideas.  Don’t worry Pinterest, I’m still very loyal to you 🙂  I want to keep the room light and neutral so we’re thinking white stone.  Any suggestions??!

Stone fireplace inspiration via Instagram

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

Love, Rach

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