Friday Favorites

  •  Reynold’s Crockpot Liners:  The best invention ever!  The worst job in the kitchen is cleaning the crockpot.  Do we all agree?  It’s that case in our house.  Sometimes I leave it on the counter for days just dreading the thought of getting my hands in that mess. These liners will eliminate that job forever.


  • Chi Hair Iron:  I recently purchased this straightener.  Yes, it’s kind of pricey, but it leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth like no other.  I love it!  I’ve been sporting lots of pony tails because of this.

  • Jet Dry:  I’ve been using this product since I moved away from home.  My mom always used it, and now I know why.  Are you tired of mineral residue on your flatware and glassware?  Jet Dry will solve that problem.  The city we live in has good water and even though I clean my dishwasher monthly, without using Jet Dry, residue will build up and leave my glasses foggy and dull looking.  Same with my flatware.  Not as shiny as when they were purchased.  By far my favorite product!


Have a wonderful weekend!!

Love, Rach

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