Thursday’s Thoughts

Today I caught Bugs redhanded.  1 hand in the dog’s water bowl and the other hand with a fist full of dog food.  I noticed he was gnawing on something and sure enough…. dog food!  We should just buy him Ole’ Roy.  It’s a lot cheaper than Similac.  Maybe one of these days he’ll learn to stay out of the dog’s bowls, and I’ll learn to keep the laundry room door shut.

Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of this “oh, just wait till he’s walking.”  I can only imagine because he already is into everything.  EVERYTHING!  Today he tipped over the stainless steel trashcan (I say that because it’s heavy) and dragged it around the house.  Yesterday the toy basket was tipped over and toys were everywhere!  Note to self: never buy legos.  Cords… he can’t get enough of them.  The dog’s toy box, plastic bags of returns I have hanging on the kitchen table chair, drawers pulled in and out….. Just now he tipped over the kitchen table chair.  The list is endless.  Definitely not looking forward to the walking stage any time soon.

Bugs generally sleeps through the night.  7pm-7am.  Wasn’t bushels of fun getting there, but now we just consider ourselves lucky.  Don’t get me wrong…. there’s off nights here and there.  Tuesday was definitely considered an off night.  The baby monitor lights up our  bedroom.  Bugs is awake, and he’s not happy.  I roll over to look at the clock.  2am.  That’s far from 7am.  What’s up with that?  After assessing the situation, we decided it was his soon-to-be tooth that was bothering him.  Waiting for the tylenol to kick in was fun.  And by the way, in case you ever wondered, no one updates their instagram or Facebook at those hours.  Morning came at 7 on the nose, and sure enough…. there was another toother sticking out.  That’s toother #2.

Today, Bugs and I bummed around Marshall’s. I came back home with more pillows for the couch, a faux fur blanket and of course some gummy bears.  That place just makes me want to redo the house every single time I go there.  Cody tells me to stay away.  That just makes me want to go there more.


How can a kid I’ve never met mean so much to me? There’s something about a sick or injured kid that just isn’t right.  Kids are pure.  Kids are innocent.  Bad things don’t happen to kids.  I like to follow pages on Facebook of kids with specials needs, kids with sicknesses or mental handicaps.  Something I never would have done before having a kid of my own.   I’m always amazed with the parents and their positive attitude.  I sure can’t imagine having an attitude like that and an overall positive outlook on life when I’ve just been told “a 10 ft tree branch fell on your two year old’s head at daycare and now he has brain injuries.”  Or, “your son has stage 4 cancer.  You have about 4-6 weeks left with him.”  Kids shouldn’t have to spend more time in the hospital than their own home.  Life just isn’t fair. Plain and simple.  I’ve been trying to have a better outlook on life…. especially on days when I just want to pull my hair out.

Some of the pages I follow:

Happy Thursday!!

Love, Rach

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