Monday.  It’s funny how when I used to work at the bank I dreaded the thought of Monday.  Now, Mondays….. Fridays….. they’re all the same!  In a good kind of way! As far as the project list goes, we did end up painting the master bathroom.  It’s the same color as the rest of the house.  Neutral. Light. Airy.  We no longer can call our bathroom “the cave.”  I’m assuming our next house project will be tiling the bathroom floors because when I was painting the bathroom, I purposely  accidentally dropped paint on the linoleum.

This weekend I found a mirror for above the fireplace.  I wasn’t even looking for one, but saw it and the measurements were perfect.  I’m indecisive like that.  Yup…. the lanterns are hanging now too.  I’ll probably end up changing it 2 or 3 more times before Winter is over.  Speaking of Winter, our house is  decked out in Winter decor.  Since we spend a lot of time indoors this time of year, I wanted the house to be inviting and cozy.  I went with the rustic winter theme.  Simple. IMG_0514

Thank you to my in-laws for a rusty antique milk jug!
Outdoor Winter Solstice Wreath


Fireplace Mantle

IMG_0546 IMG_0518  IMG_0520

Sleepy Sundays
Introduced to the big bathtub this weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Love,Rach

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