Project List

We agreed to work on a house project this weekend.  Where shall we begin?!

This is what our project list looks like:

  1. tile bathroom floors
  2. re-tile backsplashes (bathrooms, bathtub, kitchen)
  3. finish the wood trim in kitchen
  4. tear out fireplace tile and replace with new tile or stone
  5. paint guest bathroom, finish painting master bathroom, paint laundry room
  6. new bathroom light fixtures

Just think, that’s only the winter project list!  Want to see our Spring/Summer project list?

  1. paint house
  2. concrete curbing possibly
  3. replace dead bushes (which is about 90% of our yard)
  4. clean out raised garden beds
  5. stone the “rabbit corner”
  6. fence side of house

Want me to let you in on a secret?  The fastest way to get Cody to work on a project with me is to start doing it myself and act like I know what I’m doing.  Nothing gets him moving faster! Sshhh (giggle)

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