You  know already that I love Winter.  Cody was working out of town so I had to do the shoveling.  Even if Cody was around I’d probably do the shoveling because I love to be outside.  In the past 48 hours, I shoveled not once, not twice, but thrice!   And don’t you worry, I had the handy dandy baby moniter stuffed in my pocket.  Thankfully, the thing stayed silent.

Grey is a busy-body like his mom.  Well, I used to be before having a kid anyways… now I am super content with staying home. Those kinds of traits scare the begetters out of me!  What other traits of mine are going to come out of him?  Can’t he be more like his dad?  We try to get out and about at least once a day.  We actualIy both enjoy it.  I think they call it window shopping.  Yeah, window shopping.  Something I haven’t done until the last 7.5 months of my life!  I was dreading the thought of Winter only for one reason; We couldn’t go on our daily walks.  We are learning quickly to improvise.  We spent yesterday evening with my Gma J.  Gpa and Gma recently moved from Arizona to Meridian, and I am thrilled!  We plan on spending more long, Winter days with them.

IMG_0338 IMG_0340

Grey and I went to visit some friends today.  We see them every Sunday and Wednesday, but this time it wasn’t rushed.  Usually one of us is shushing our baby out the door (100% of the time it’s us) so we don’t get to stand around and chit chat a whole lot.  Ollie is one handsome little dude, and he loves to wear camo just like Grey!  I can already tell they’re going to be fishing buds!

Have a great weekend! Love, Rach


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